5 Staffing Mistakes That Could Wreck Your Business

You want your business to have the best team possible. But, unfortunately, many companies make basic staffing errors – and that could land them in trouble.

Here are some common staffing mistakes we always see, and how to avoid them.

Hiring When You’re In Crisis Mode

Don’t make the mistake of hiring ad hoc. Instead, plan your hiring meticulously. Figure out who you need. Only pick individuals who might be a strategic fit for your firm.

Hiring Before You’ve Decided Which Positions You Need

Hiring before you know what your organizational chart looks like is another mistake. Structure your hires carefully, even if you are a rapidly-growing business.

Hiring Without Help

Hiring without a recruitment company to assist you is difficult. Always work with trusted HR partners like us to ensure you get the team you need.

Hiring Without Ever Letting People Go

Hiring is just one side of the equation. Businesses also need to be able to let people go who aren’t a good fit or who are simply incompetent. If you never fire anyone, the quality of your output will decline.

Hiring Without Considering The Company Culture

Lastly, you don’t want someone who is totally profit-driven to lead your company if you have an ESG mandate or are aiming for socially positive outcomes. Consider each new hire and whether they are a cultural fit for your team.