3 Benefits Of Using A Recruitment Agency

A recent study of the labor market found that there are currently 1,300,000 unfilled jobs in the UK alone. As empty seats reduce
productivity and cost money, hiring managers need to fill these slots quickly.
However, the recruiting can be time-consuming  – taking hours out
of their day and forcing them to put other, equally crucial tasks on the back burner. Thankfully, that’s where a recruitment agency can swoop in to save the day.
Here are three benefits of working with a recruitment agency!
#1 They’ll find high-quality candidates. On average, each corporate job advertisement will reel in 250 resumes. Whether
you’re working in business or finance, it can be hard to wade
through these documents to find the caliber of candidate you’re looking for. A recruitment agency will do this on your behalf, sending only the best of the best your way.
#2 They’ll speed up the hiring process. While your current
employees may be able to take on some of the work from an
unfilled position, this should not be considered a permanent
solution – which means that you need to find someone to fill his
vacancy fast. A recruitment agency will easily be able to source a
quality candidate looking to take the next step in their career – in a matter of hours!
#3 You can focus on what you’re good at. Hiring new employees,
conducting interviews, or scrolling through endless piles of CVS
probably isn’t in your job description. As such, not only does this
process take you away from your work – it also means you’re more
likely to make mistakes in the recruitment process as you aren’t sure what qualities to look out for. Conversely, a recruitment
agency has in-depth knowledge when it comes to scouting and
sourcing the best employees – so you can focus on what you are good at!